Baby Carriers & Halloween Costumes: 9 Unique Ideas For Parents

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Baby Carriers & Halloween Costumes: 9 Unique Ideas For Parents

1 October 2015
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Babywearing is a great way for parents to bond with the child and helps the child be calm during all types of situations. On holidays like Halloween, wearing a baby in a carrier can go one step further by expanding your costume design into the carrier itself. When shopping for infant costumes, you do not only get to dress your baby up, but you can find a matching costume to help create a great theme for you and the child. As you browse through baby costumes, consider the following 9 ideas. It can create memorable moments, great pictures, and start a nice tradition for your growing family.

Kangaroo & Pouch

A baby carrier may seem similar to another creature from the animal kingdom. By dressing up as an adult kangaroo, the baby can wear an infant kangaroo costume as the carrier represents a natural pouch. Hop along from house to house in the unique costume design.

Airplane Pilots

Transform your carrier into an airplane design by purchasing vintage pilot costumes for you and your infant, you can use custom cardboard designs to create a plane that attaches to the front and back of your carrier. A small pilot helmet hat or beanie will also help keep your baby warm during a chilly Halloween night.

Gardener & Plant

It's easy to dress up in your best gardening gear. Help match the design by dressing your baby up as a plant like a daisy or a sunflower. If you want to go the extra mile, then you can enhance your carrier by creating a flower pot design around it.

Bee & Bee Keeper

Little bee costumes for your baby are easy to find you can match the cute design by dressing up like a professional bee keeper. The costume design can be completed by purchasing a real bee keeper outfit or by finding a white jumpsuit.

Bird & Tree

Along with a bee, you can also dress your little one like a small bird. There are a number of bird costume designs to choose from like an owl, blue jay, or robin. The baby carrier can act like the nest while you dress up like the tree that the baby is nested in. A brown outfit can be complimented with green felt leaves and other designs. Tree-inspired hair accessories can also help add to the costume design.

Pirate & Parrot

Similar to the bird design, you can choose a little parrot costume for your baby. To help match, you can dress up like a pirate. This is a great theme that can be a part of a general design or based off popular titles like "Treasure Island" and "Peter Pan."

Cookie & Glass of Milk

A cute baby can be dressed up like all types of food, including a delicious cookie. A chocolate chip cookie is the typical costume design that can be purchased. As you carry the cookie on your chest, select an all-white outfit to represent a glass of milk. If you have a plain white t-shirt, you can use a red marker to write "Milk" across the chest.

Star Wars

Popular franchises like Star Wars often create a number of costume designs catered to infants. Smaller Star Wars characters like Ewoks and Yoda are ideal for dressing a baby up in. This also leaves your costume design open to number of different Star Wars characters like Princess Leia, Chewbacca, Darth Vader, or Luke Skywalker.

Dorthy & Toto

If you want to go with a classic theme like the Wizard of Oz, then you can easily dress your baby up like the little dog Toto. This makes it easy for you to dress up like Dorothy. If you want to go a little darker, you can choose other characters like the Wicked Witch of the West.

When purchasing the costume, purchase one size up from your baby's current size. This will give them plenty of room to grow into the costume as Halloween approaches. Check out baby costumes from businesses like Easley's Fun Shop to get more ideas.