7 Stocking Stuffers Your Husband Will Actually Use

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7 Stocking Stuffers Your Husband Will Actually Use

9 December 2015
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The tradition of married couples filling each other's Christmas stockings with treats and small gifts is a sweet one, but it can be tricky to find small gifts your husband will actually use and enjoy. You don't want to find all those thoughtfully chosen stocking stuffers shoved to the back of a drawer with the tags still on a few months from now. Luckily, there are some surefire crowd pleasers when it comes to picking out stocking stuffers for your husband. Here are seven fun ideas:

New Underwear

If your husband tends to wear his favorite underwear until it's ragged and full of holes, why not use his stocking as an opportunity to upgrade his whole underwear collection? He probably wouldn't buy himself luxurious silk or cashmere blend boxers, but he will enjoy wearing them if you buy them for him. You can throw in a few pairs of more casual cotton underwear for every day, and maybe even a novelty pair of holiday-themed underwear for good measure. You can find some good deals for men's underwear online.

Gift Cards

Gift cards take up virtually no space in a stocking, and everyone loves to receive them. In fact, gift cards have been the most popular gift to receive for nine years in a row. You can get him a gift card to his favorite local coffee shop or brewery, a gift card to a major online or brick and mortar retailer, or even a gift card for a specialized hobby. You don't have to spend a ton of money either- even a $10 gift card that will cover his lunch out one day during the weekday will probably be much appreciated.

Hand Warmers

If you live in a climate with cold winters, hand warmers are a thoughtful and very affordable gift. Your husband can simply keep them in his pockets and crack them open when he gets really cold. A husband who skis or snowboards, commutes to work by bicycle in the winter, or just likes to spend a lot of time outdoors in the winter will especially appreciate this stocking stuffer.

Beard Grooming Set

If your husband has a beard in the winter, splurging on a nice beard grooming set is a great gift idea. Look for beard oil that will moisturize his beard and keep it tangle-free and healthy looking, as well as a beard comb and beard wash. Make sure to choose beard products in a scent you enjoy, so you will like cuddling up with your hubby even more than usual.

Nice Headphones

A good set of noise cancelling headphones is a great gift for any husband. Whether he's a music lover, travels a lot for work and likes to listen to music on the plane, or works in a noisy office and could use some quiet, a quality set of headphones will surely go over well.

Favorite Sweets

There is a long tradition of placing a clementine orange inside your loved one's stocking. In addition to the orange (if your husband likes them), you can add some of his favorite candy, cookies, or other sweets. A chocolate-covered orange is a delicious twist on the orange in the stocking tradition. If you have a knack for baking, why not whip up some of your husband's favorite homemade treats too? He will love that you spent the extra time making something you know he loves.


If your husband is a dapper gentleman (or you just want him to be), a nice pair of old-fashioned cufflinks is a great stocking stuffer idea. The cufflinks will help him feel more elegant and put together any time he wears a dress shirt or suit.

With these stocking stuffer ideas, your husband will get things he actually wants and will use, and you'll get extra brownie points.