Concealed Carry License Checklist For First Time Applicants

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Concealed Carry License Checklist For First Time Applicants

11 December 2015
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Carrying a firearm on your person can be the difference between life and death if you are ever caught in a dangerous situation. You cannot simply buy a gun and carry it around, however. You must apply for a concealed carry license to legally keep a firearm at your side. The application process and ongoing rules for a concealed carry license can be a bit confusing for first-timers. Here are a few items to check off as you stride toward legal firearm possession.

Take A Firearm Training Course

In many locations, you must complete a firearm training course within three years of applying for your concealed carry license. The training course teaches you important gun safety and usage tactics you may use while handling your firearm. You should check with your state agency to find an approved training course to attend in your area. Repeat the training course every few years to remain in compliance with the concealed carry requirements and brush up on your gun safety skills.

Provide Substantial Reason

To qualify for a concealed carry license, you may need to provide a good cause argument for needing a firearm on your person. Acceptable good cause arguments include career safety requirements, such as protection from inventory theft or bodily harm. Personal protection may be considered good cause if aggravating factors exist. Aggravating factors may include documented threats from aggressors or residence in a crime riddled area.

Good cause requirements are constantly being challenged by individuals who believe the law contradicts their second amendment right. As a result, states are starting to remove this requirement from the application process. You must check with your state issuing agency to determine if a good cause argument is required before filling out the application paperwork.

Wait For Confirmation

Submission of the concealed carry license application does not give you permission to keep your sidearm with you. You cannot carry your firearm on your person until you receive authorization from your state agency. After submitting the application, the concealed carry permit will usually arrive within a few weeks. If you receive a denial letter instead, you must rectify the given reasons for the denial before reapplying and waiting once again.

Memorize Prohibited Areas

While you are waiting for your concealed carry permit to arrive, take some time to memorize areas where firearms are prohibited. In general, you cannot carry your firearm on school property, demonstration spaces and airports or planes. Furthermore, you must avoid bringing your firearm on state owned properties, including public parks, forests and highways. As the prohibited areas vary slightly from state to state, and continue to evolve due to new legislation, it is wise to look up your local laws to remain in good standing.

Remember to Renew

You must regularly renew your concealed carry license to remain in the registered database for your state. In many locations, the renewal date comes up every five years. Depending on your state, you may receive a renewal form or reminder in the mail. Even if you do not receive reminders or documents in the mail, it is your responsibility to complete the paperwork on time or cease carrying your firearm until you receive confirmation of the approved renewal.

Keep these items in mind when applying for, using and renewing your concealed carry license to avoid revocation of your permit. If you remain in good standing with your state agency, you can keep renewing your concealed carry license indefinitely. Remember to always abide by your state laws for firearm usage to avoid ending up with a criminal record that could disqualify you from obtaining a concealed carry permit in the future. For more information on getting a concealed carry license, contact a company like Chauncey's Pawn & Gun.