Are You Decorating Your Family Room With A Western Theme?

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Are You Decorating Your Family Room With A Western Theme?

20 December 2017
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If you're decorating your family room with a western theme, think of words like rustic and unique. More than likely, you'll want to stay away from anything that is too elegant, though you might want to add just one or two fancy touches just to give the room a bit of drama. Before you even begin, think of looking at decorating magazines that feature country homes. Also, think of going to museums that feature artifacts and other items from the old west.

The Rustic Furniture

When you select the furniture for your western-themed room, think of buying heavy wooden furniture. Consider buying furniture that has a bit of a Mexican feeling to it, perhaps with some leather or wrought iron as part of the design. A great idea is to select something like red or blue denim for the upholstery. Upholstery that looks like cowhide is another good choice. When you select things like the coffee table and the end table, think of looking for things like antique travel trunks that might look like they've seen better days. Remember that you're keeping a rustic feeling in the room.

The Unique Touches

Have you seen chandeliers that are made of deer antlers, like those from Crooked Creek Antler Art? They're not only unique, but they are sensational. You can select antler lighting that has only a few antlers if you don't want the chandelier to monopolize the room. However, if you want to WOW everybody who enters the room, consider selecting a large antler chandelier. Angler lighting is affordable and easy to maintain. All you'll have to do is to dust it with a feather duster or a dust cloth, and it's good to go. You can probably find antler lighting at a western furniture store. Another good source is actual lighting stores that carry many types of chandeliers.

The Elegant Touches

Add a bit of elegance to the room by adding gold or silver touches. For example, select heavy gold frames for western paintings or for posters of western themes. Another idea is to select silver or pewter occasional dishes and beer mugs to display on a wooden floor-to-ceiling shelf. Add plants in brass pots and even brass spittoons to the room, too. Another idea is to choose fancy gold and silver frames that will hold things like your family dressed in western duds. Shop at thrift stores and antique stores to find one-of-a-kind decorative items to include in your western-themed family room