Women Meteorologists – How Consignment Stores Can Help You Meet The Dress Code

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Women Meteorologists – How Consignment Stores Can Help You Meet The Dress Code

21 February 2018
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News stations require their meteorologists to look a certain way. They have to use special technology to display weather charts and to portray a positive image to the audience. Because of these factors, news stations require their meteorologists to dress a certain way.

Unfortunately, you hear a lot of women complain about the men having it easy. Men can get away with wearing a standard suit and coordinating it with a tie. Women do not have it that easy. They have to consider colors, shapes, and fit when choosing an outfit. Read on to find out how consignment stores can help you meet the dress code.

What Are The Wardrobe Restrictions?

A green screen has been used for many years in weather stations. The meteorologist stands in front of a green screen with a monitor facing him or her. The monitor shows you where to point on the weather map. Of course, you cannot wear green because you would blend in with the screen. However, the restrictions do not stop there.

You cannot wear distracting patterns, anything that makes sound, or anything reflective. Anything with cleavage is a problem because they do not want to offend the middle age crowd. There is no rule on length for dresses and skirts, but a general rule is if you would not wear it to a family event, then you should not wear it to work.

These restrictions make it hard to look fashionable. You are going to need a closet full of solids and jewel tones. It can be hard to find affordable and flattering clothing in this combination. However, a consignment marketplace can help you with this problem.

What Are Consignment Stores?

A consignment store sells secondhand items like clothing, baby furniture, and accessories. These items are sold for a third party. The store owner receives a percentage for selling the item. This service is a gem because you have access to vintage and name-brand clothing for a cheaper price.

Build Your Wardrobe

You are on TV every day and the news comes on several times a day. Your audience is going to get familiar with your outfit. If you build your wardrobe, then your audience will not know that you are wearing the same clothes over and over. For example, you are going to need several solid-colored modest dresses. Other items include a blazer, black pumps, a black skirt, and a white button-up shirt. You can build your outfit with these pieces and exchange out items for different colors. For example, you can wear a dark blue dress with a black or tan blazer. It helps to set a budget for how much you want to pay for each item.

You can start by researching the consignment stores in your local community. Many consignment shops also allow customers to shop online. If you put in time, then you can find fashionable clothing that meet your work's dress code at a store such as RUMMAGE SALES.