3 Tips To Save Money On Uniform Costs For Your Police Department

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3 Tips To Save Money On Uniform Costs For Your Police Department

29 June 2018
 Categories: Shopping, Blog

If you are looking for ways to reduce costs within your police department without sacrificing any of the important services that you offer for the community, one thing that you may want to look at is your uniform budget. Chances are good that there might be some ways that you can reduce how much your department is spending on uniforms; consider these tips for help with doing so.

1. Repair Uniform Items

First of all, you should not assume that uniforms should be thrown away and replaced just because they are showing some signs of damage. Things like jacket liners that are coming out or zippers that are damaged can often be repaired at a dry cleaning or alteration shop for a minimal cost. If you start repairing uniforms that are damaged rather than replacing them, you could be surprised by the amount your department can save. Additionally, uniforms that are stained can often be cleaned -- even if it has to be done professionally -- to make them look fresh and clean again.

2. Encourage Officers to Trade Uniforms

Another good idea is to encourage officers to trade uniform items. For example, you can set up a trading closet where officers can bring in items that might not fit them anymore or that they might not need for another reason. Then, other officers can come in and "shop" for the uniform pieces that they need. It's a good way to recycle uniforms throughout the department.

3. Look for Online Options

Right now, your department might purchase its uniforms from a local uniform store. Even if this is where you have been going to purchase uniforms for a long time, you might find that ordering uniforms online will actually be a great way to reduce costs. Consider checking out costs among some of the online retailers to see if you can score deals on police helmets and other items that might be better than what your department is able to find locally.

As you can see, there are a few different things that you can do if you would like to reduce how much your police department has been spending on uniforms for its officers. If you follow these three tips, you might find that you can greatly reduce how much your department is spending while still ensuring that your officers have the gear that they need in order to do their jobs well, stay safe and look professional when they are representing the department