Three Inflatable Products To Bring With You On A Trip

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Three Inflatable Products To Bring With You On A Trip

7 December 2018
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Packing is one of the most challenging parts of going on any trip. Whether you are going on a road trip or an international flight, you may find it difficult to fit in all of the clothing and accessories that you enjoy. When you are going away from home, it is also important to bring along most of your toiletries, especially if you will be in a country where they cannot easily be found. For these reasons, you will need to pack carefully and with prior thought. In order to keep the same level of comfort but decrease the amount of suitcase space you use, you can bring along inflatable products. Here are three inflatable products to bring with you on a trip. 

An inflatable neck pillow

Inflatable travel neck pillows are one of the first things that you should pack. While deflated these are small enough to fit inside of your carry-on or inside of a purse. Once you are in your plane, train, or car seat, you can inflate the pillow and put it behind your neck. An inflatable pillow will stabilize your neck and will make it more comfortable to get to sleep. Once the ride is over, you can deflate the pillow and put it away before leaving to your destination. If you stay in of a hostel or a hotel with few pillows or padding, the neck pillow can be used to sleep more soundly. 

An inflatable footrest

An inflatable footrest is less commonly used than a pillow, but it has a number of benefits. If your feet tend to swell or if you have been having swelling in your legs, elevating your feet can be important. This footrest can be placed on the floor and used to elevate your legs. It will be especially important to remember to bring the footrest if you are traveling after surgery or if you have blood circulation issues. If you will be bringing an inflatable footrest, try to sit in a window seat so that you do not disturb other passengers. 

Inflatable chair pads

If you have problems sitting in a seat for long periods of time, an inflatable chair pad will be your best traveling companion. Before you sit down, inflate your seat cushion and adjust it so that you are comfortable with the cushion and your seat belt. This will make it easier to sit for long periods of time and enjoy your travels.