Reasons To Choose A Moroccan Rug Without Tassels

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Reasons To Choose A Moroccan Rug Without Tassels

2 April 2019
 Categories: Shopping, Blog

If you're shopping for a Moroccan rug to add to a room in your home, you'll encounter a number of different styles that you can evaluate. One thing that you'll notice is that many of the rugs you're evaluating have tassels along the edges. This may be a look that you like, or it may be something to which you're completely indifferent. There's little disputing that tassels can be a fun visual element, but there are also some reasons that you're better off choosing a Moroccan rug that doesn't have them. Here are some reasons to buy a tassel-free rug for your home.

They Can Look Disorderly

If you're someone who appreciates every part of his or her home looking orderly, you may struggle with how the tassels on a rug can look. For example, as people walk over them, they can take on somewhat of an unkempt appearance, extending in all directions. You might decide to run your hand over them so that they're all straight, but as soon as a family member, pet, or guest to your home passes over the rug, the tassels can once again appear disorderly. If you're someone who focuses on such details, a tassel-free Moroccan rug might be your best bet.

Kids And Pets May Pull Them

One of the other challenges that you can face when you have a Moroccan rug with tassels in your home is that your children and pets may occasionally pull on the individual tassels. Kids are often attracted to rug tassels as they play on the floor, and a child's aggressive pulling could pull one of the tassels loose. Similarly, an excited dog might view one of the tassels as a toy and pull it until it breaks. Either scenario will leave you in a difficult position, as the rug's appearance will be hampered by one or more missing tassels.

They're A Hassle To Vacuum

When you vacuum around a rug that has tassels, one of the things that you'll quickly notice is that your vacuum will easily suck up the tassels as it passes over them. This will create a short-term blockage that you can address by lifting the vacuum head away from the rug. While this might seem like a minor inconvenience, it's also something that will get old in a hurry — especially if you're someone who vacuums his or her home frequently. You may prefer a tassel-free rug because of the ease of passing your vacuum directly over it.

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