Sacred Sage: What Is It, Why It's Used, And How

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Sacred Sage: What Is It, Why It's Used, And How

14 March 2020
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You may have seen it done in the movies or on television, but if you are the average person, you do not quite understand the full use of sacred sage, what it is, and how it should be used properly. White sage in its natural habitat is a beautiful, sage-green plant with white-tinged stems. It actually grows in a lot of places, but it is native to parts of California. Native American tribes in the regions once relied on sage for everything from food to medicinal purposes. However, white sage was also used for religious or ritual ceremonies. 

White Sage: A Closer Look at the Plant 

Sage itself is a member of the mint family. The plant is highly aromatic and flavorful just like mint but with different flavor and scent profiles, which is why it has a noteworthy use in culinary processes. Labiatae, which is the scientific plant species name, is a group of plants that can and do flower, but the plant is most often sought out for its flavor and fragrance. Some of the sage varieties are grown for their decorative qualities, however. 

Why Sage Is Used Ritualistically 

Sage is often touted as having the ability to clear negative energy from the air. For people who believe in the supernatural, clearing negative energy can mean eradicating bad spiritual energy from a structure or place. White sage is most often used for this purpose, but some professionals do use other types of sage as well. Sage may be burned:

  • When someone buys a new home and wants to encourage positive energy 
  • When negative things have taken place within a structure 
  • When someone is having issues with depression or anxiety 

Many people believe that burning sage has unspoken benefits to their own personal energy or aura. Therefore, it is not uncommon for sage to be burned during meditation or other activities. 

How Sacred Sage Is Burned 

Sacred sage can be burned in a lot of ways. Usually, the sage is dried and rolled into a bundle and tied with natural twine. The sage is lit on one end but the flames quickly extinguish so only smoke is emitted. You can also find incense and incense cones that are made completely from dried, ground, and compressed sage, which can make burning the sacred plant a lot easier. Otherwise, you have to hold the bundle of smoking sage in one hand or place it in a container.