EMF Protection Jewelry: Why Elite Shungite Should Have Your Attention

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EMF Protection Jewelry: Why Elite Shungite Should Have Your Attention

19 November 2020
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If you're interested in EMF protection or you want to learn more about this type of protection for yourself and your family, then you need to give elite shungite some consideration. Learn what EMF protection is and why it's important, then learn more about elite shungite. You'll learn as well how to find this natural stone and how to tell authentic shungite from imposter stones.

What EMF protection is

Essentially, EMF means electromotive force. It's the energy being delivered out by a battery or other charging source, and some of the energy is dispersed out in the open where people and pets can be susceptible to it. EMF protection is a type of specific protection that either deflects or absorbs the energy from common devices and electronics that have EMF that can be potentially harmful if exposed to. Learning more about elite shungite, a type of EMF protection jewelry, can help you lead a healthier life.

Why EMF protection is important

EMF protection is important because EMF is considered a type of radiation. Radiation has been linked to certain cancers, other illnesses, and even deformities in people and animals. Maintaining a safe distance from all kinds of radiation is ideal, but if you cannot stay away from common radiation culprits such as cell phones and microwaves, you need to have elite shungite or another type of EMF protection on your person as much as possible to protect you.

What elite shungite is

Elite shungite is a type of stone that is known to have neutralizing qualities. This means it can absorb and diminish the effect of radiation exposure and makes for a great type of EMF protection jewelry. The composition of elite shungite is nearly 100% carbon, and the stone itself is a silvery black color.

What authentic elite shungite is

True elite shungite is rarer than its more available counterpart: black shungite. Black shungite is also works as EMF protection, but is only around 70% carbon and not as powerful as elite shungite. If you are seeking elite shungite, look for a more silvery or dark gray stone that is in its natural mineral shape rather than black shungite, which may be formed into a more round or aesthetically-appealing shape for everyday wear.

Buy your elite shungite jewelry from a natural stone retailer who can authenticate all the stones they sell. This way, you know you are getting the best shungite for your needs and you'll be able to feel safe from radiation nearly everywhere you go.