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Needlepoint Canvas Products

25 March 2021
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Canvas contains woven threads and is a common material used for needlepoint projects. Due to the structure of the weave, a needlepoint project can be used to embellish an item that is upholstered in canvas. Separate canvas sheets are also often used to create independent creations that can be used for decorating purposes. Use some tips to guide you in choosing a canvas that will be appropriate for your next crafting project.

Single Thread Versus Double Thread

Canvas fabrics are considered even-weave textiles. They contain a consistent amount of cotton or linen strands that are woven throughout each fabric sheet. An end-user can determine where to add stitchery, by observing the series of threads that make up each square. Vertical and horizontal threads are woven together with a single thread or double thread method.

A single thread product will be more flexible than one that contains double strands that are woven together. A single thread piece of canvas would be suitable for a basic project that won't contain much detail or one that is going to be framed and hung independently.

A double thread product will work well for more intricate needlepoint crafts, including those that are going to contain many details or are that are going to be subjected to lots of handling, such as a stitched design that will be used to upholster a household furnishing. Sizing is a form of spray starch that is added to finished canvas sheets to aid with keeping the fabric threads tightly woven together.

Mesh Gauge

The mesh gauge of a canvas product will determine how close the holes are to one another and the amount of needlework that can be completed per inch of the fabric. Canvas is often numbered, and the number that is printed on the fabric or the package it comes in will relate to how many holes or fabric strands are located within an inch of fabric.

A lower mesh gauge will result in larger squares and fewer threads within each inch of fabric. A higher mesh gauge will result in smaller holes and individual threads that are aligned closely together. For a project that is going to require the use of many needlepoint floss colors and that will contain intricate detailing, choosing a higher mesh gauge will attain the definition desired.

Novelty Materials

Needlepoint projects do not always require the use of cotton or canvas linen. Plastic canvas and perforated paper are two novelty materials that can be used to create unique items. Plastic canvas is sturdy and easy to work with and perforated paper is a heavyweight material that contains holes punched throughout its surface.

For more information about needlepoint canvas, contact a local retailer.