A Quick Guide To Charity Shopping & Ways To Spend A Little Extra Money

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A Quick Guide To Charity Shopping & Ways To Spend A Little Extra Money

30 June 2022
 Categories: Shopping, Blog

When you shop to provide cancer support, every penny goes a long way to help those in need. When you can find ways to earn extra money and spend a little more, the whole process is worth it and feels good in the long run.

As you embark on a charity online shopping experience, check out this quick guide to learn about some ways to stretch each dollar and have some extra ways to spend.

Cashback Credit Rewards

As you shop to provide prostate cancer support, the payment method you use can make a big difference on the amount you spend and earn back for your items. Many credit cards and debit cards offer cashback options for purchases. Look into the cards you have and see some of the cashback options.

The cashback you earn on a purchase gives you the opportunity to spend a little extra and have more money go right back into your account. So essentially, you can spend more to help support cancer causes and will get that money right back into your account.

Shopping Browser Extensions

Another way to earn cash back rewards is through shopping browser extensions. You can find a variety of shopping extensions that awards you extra money when you shop online. As you shop, you can see what percentages are available and pick the best options to earn the most.

Calculate how much you will earn with each purchase and spend the money to equal out the extra cashback you will receive. The browser extensions may also work on your phone through the mobile browser or through separate app downloads. 

Some of the rewards may include direct cashback while others will include extra prizes in the form of gift cards.

Sale Codes & Referral Codes

When you save on specific products, you have the opportunity to spread those savings to more products and help those in need. As you shop online, look for sale codes and referral codes on websites. For example, you may receive store credit or gift cards when you refer other shoppers to the online store.

Use those credits to shop more and provide support for people with cancer. Take the extra time to really search for bargains and coupon codes that can spread your dollar further. In the end, you will feel good about the shopping you do and the support a person receives for the items.

Share these tips with family and friends to encourage shopping online with direct support to cancer patients.