A Quick Guide To Elite Shungite Necklace Options

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A Quick Guide To Elite Shungite Necklace Options

22 August 2022
 Categories: Shopping, Blog

The elite shungite stone includes rich colors and a natural formation that really stands out among other natural stones. When you purchase elite shungite, you have many display options to consider. You could display the stones in your home or choose to wear the stones in the form of a necklace.

If you want large elite shungite stones in the form of a necklace, follow this guide to learn more about the stones and what to expect when you shop for necklaces. Once you get through the guide, you will know exactly what to expect when you shop online.

Natural Nuggets

Wear a shungite stone necklace with a natural uncut stone. When shungite gets mined, the stones come as they are and how they formed in the earth. Some stones are large while others break off into small pieces. Along with the pictures online, look for details on the measurement of a stone.

Compare the measurements with any pedants you currently own. The comparisons will help you get an idea of what the stone size will be once you order the necklace online. the unique shape and design of the natural nugget will make your necklace completely unique. There will truly be no other necklace like it in the world.

Polished Shapes

Along with natural options, also consider the purchase of a polished shungite stone. Polished stones include smooth edges and artists carefully craft the stones into several unique shapes. For example, you could purchase a polished shungite stone in the shape of a heart. Other shape designs include ovals or spheres.


Jewelry makers can create many pendants when they drill into stones or manipulate them in some way. The fragile state of shungite creates a challenge if drilled into and could result in the whole rock breaking. When you shop for shungite pendants, you will notice the connector is melted down right onto the stone.

Once melted, the pendant dries and forms a bond with the stone to keep it protected. The natural connection is more reliable than other adhesives, like glue.

Metal or Fabric Cages

If you want to keep a shungite stone in its natural state, then consider a necklace with a wrapped cage around the stone. The design element adds some artistic flare and creates a unique look. For example, you could purchase a necklace with a stone surrounded by thin metal wires to hold it in place.

As an alternative to metal, the design could also include fabric options like natural twine.

Purchase shungite necklaces and add the designs to your personal collection. You can own multiple styles and have many options to wear at different times. Talk to a jewelry supplier to learn more about elite shungite pendants.