Upgrading Your Action Camera? Take The Old One To A Pawn Shop

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Upgrading Your Action Camera? Take The Old One To A Pawn Shop

28 April 2023
 Categories: Shopping, Blog

A lot of action camera enthusiasts upgrade their gear regularly. Some action camera companies come out with new cameras every year, which means that there are always new and enticing products to check out. If you're about to buy the latest action camera, you shouldn't let your older model gather dust in your home. Unless you have a plan to use it, it can be a good product to sell at a local pawn shop. Pawn shops often carry all sorts of cameras, including action cameras. Here are some things to sell.

Action Camera

Selling your action camera at the pawn shop should give you a nice amount of cash that you can put toward paying off the newest camera you've bought. The amount of money that you'll get for your older camera will depend on various factors. If it's just one or two models old, you'll get more than you would with a camera that is much older. It also holds more value if it's in good condition. While action cameras can show a lot of wear and still operate properly, they're ideal if your model doesn't have any major scratches or chips.

Mounting Devices

Don't be afraid to take some old action camera mounting devices to the pawn shop to see if a salesperson is interested. If the shop will be making an offer on your camera, there's a good chance that it will also want some of your mounting devices. Perhaps you're upgrading some of the mounting products or you don't plan to use certain other ones. For example, you might have a helmet mount, a chest mount, and other similar mounts. Each of these accessories can be valuable for a future buyer of a used action camera.

Other Accessories

Action camera users often acquire a large array of accessories beyond just mounting devices. For example, you might have various selfie sticks and other devices that allow you to hold your action camera as you move. If you have a handful of accessories that are functional but that you no longer use or that are not compatible with your new camera, it's sensible to sell these things when you sell your old camera and its mounting devices. The pawn shop may bundle all of your items together and list everything for sale, or they may sell the items individually. Contact a pawn shop if you have an old action camera to sell, or visit a website like https://www.mainepawn.net/ for more information.