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A Jeans Makeover

Like many other people, I absolutely love wearing jeans. Regardless of whether I’m attending church services on Wednesday nights, enjoying a date night with my husband, or taking my dog to the veterinarian, I slip on a comfortable pair of jeans. However, I’ve recently become bored with my current collection of these popular pants. All of the jeans in my closet are blue. And, most of them are of the boot-cut variety. Therefore, I plan to make some changes this fall. I would like to experiment with different colors and cuts of jeans. On this blog, you will discover the latest trends in jeans for the fall and winter months. Enjoy!


Sustainable Performance: Keep Your Company’s Office Supplies Safe And Ready For Action

28 September 2015
 Categories: Shopping, Articles

Studies indicate that more than 60 percent of employees admit to stealing office supplies for personal use at home. Anything from pens and white-out to pads of paper and staples seem to be fair game, which can result in budgeting and profiting problems in the long run. There also tends to be a risk of misuse when it comes to employees utilizing supplies, simply because they aren't considered important or personal to most people. Read More …